About Afromoda

Telling stories through dance

Our Mission

Afromoda Dance Theater seeks to preserve, elevate and evolve the artistry of African music and dance through the portrayal of enlightening narratives, historical and present, and through the fusion of dance and theater, in order to educate, entertain and positively impact our communities in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas and beyond.

Afromoda is a registered 501 c(3), non-profit organization and resident company of Joy of Motion Dance Center in Washington, DC.

Afromoda Dance Theater strives to create a learning center where all community members can visit and learn more about African music and dance. This center will provide music and dance classes for youth and adults, and feature performances, lectures, and outreach programs for the community.

The company was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director, Victor Bah. Since the beginning, Afromoda Dance Theater (AMDT) has created compelling work that features dance, music, theater and song. AMDT has produced evening length works titled: Harriet (2015), Home, A Metropolitan Drama (2014), War and Pieces, Nature of Man (2012), Fragments, Pieces of a Colorful Soul (2011). AMDT has created popular repertoire pieces that include: Duafe (2014), Home (2014) Birdseye (2013), Tunasogea "We Move" (2013), Nature of Man (2012), Wula (2011), Harbor of Hades (2010).

The company performs annually for the H Street Festival, Services to Justice Conference, and Let's Move event at Alfred Street Baptist Church. AMDT also performed at Joy of Motion Dance Center's Summer Stock Showcase (2013), the D.C. Fair Budget Coalition 20th Anniversary Gala (2014), and the annual luncheon for the National Federation for Families for Children's Mental Health (2013). AMDT has also committed to collaborating with local artists. The company worked with Congressional Chorus to stage three new works for the production, American Folksongs and Spirituals (2014).